How much is the room charge for one night?
Room charge of Hanamusubi is depended on 6 different conditions: season, day of the week, number of people staying, grade of room,meal and staying plan.
For more information, please find the staying plan options.
What is the charge for the children?
It charges 70% of adult rate for upper grade of elementary schoolchild and 50% for the under grade of elementary schoolchild. We rearranged adult's dinner meal for upper grade elementary schoolchild and we prepared kid's lunch meal for under grade of elementary schoolchild.
From 3years old child to 5years old child will be charged 50% of adult's rate and kid's lunch meal will be served for their dinner.
Child without meal and bedding will be charged 3150yen for basic service fee.
Under 3years old babies are free.(Bedding and Yukata are not included)
What is the charge of 4 years old child if he only uses bedding and Yukata not having a meal?
Generally, it is charged 50% of adult's rate. However with a excluding meal, it will be charged 3,150yen for minimum service, 3,150yen for bedding and 525yen for Yukata.
If room rate is decided depend on how many people are staying, are child also counted as a room staying member?
Child older than elementary schoolchild will be counted as a staying member.
Child from 3years to 5years old will be counted as a 0.5member of adult.
For example, two adults, one elementary schoolchild, one 4years old child will be charged as a three adults.
Another example, two adults, one elementary schoolchild, two 4years old child will be charged as a four adults.
We don't charge for hotel usage fee to child.
Can I use credit card?
Credit cards are not accepted.


Can I use public hot spring only?
Cannot use only a bath.
Are there many guest rooms a private open-air hot spring attached?
Not available.
Is early reservation essential for private open-air hot spring?
Available at Miyukisou Hanamusubi, our sister lodging.
To increase the chances of availability at your desired time, please make reservations in advance (3,240 yen for 45 minutes)


What is different between the dinner courses?
Meal courses can be changed depend on your staying plan.
Each meal courses have 1,000yen different in price. High price of courses have better quality of food not quantity.
Is that possible I can order special food?
It will be little expensive than standard courses. Chef's special course will be served.
Every month chef's special course will be changed with seasonal ingredients.
We always try to keep the food in right temperature and the food will be served one by one.
Where are we going to be served a meal?
Generally, you will be served breakfast and dinner in your room.
A group more than 15people will be served a meal at the restaurant.


Is there big size Yukata available?
Yes, big size Yukata is ready.
Please ask to front desk when you arrived.
I can not sleep in soft pillow.
We have also firm pillow ready.
Please ask to front desk when you arrived.
Is there wheelchair ready?
Yes, we have 2 wheel-chairs one for inside of building and one for outside of building.
Are there raised spots in the building?
There are no raised spots.


What is the easiest direction to the KOTORI?
When you arrived at Arima onsen station with Kobe line, Hankyu bus and JR bus, please call us with 078-904-0166.
We are glad to give you comfortable ride to the Hanamusubi. If you use your own car, it is 15 minute from
Chugoku freeway North Nishinomiya Exit and 5 minute from Hanshin freeway Arima-ku Exit.
For more information, please check our Access information on the website.
Is there Parking?
Yes, we have parking lot in front of main building. It is capable 50 cars and it is free.
I'd like to celebrate grand mother's 77th birthday.
We celebrate your special days.
Flower and chanchanko will be ready.
Every staff in Hanamusubi will give you special service from bottom of heart.
Are there bath towels?
Yes, bath towels are ready.
Towel is ready at the public bath too.
Are there shampoo, conditioner and shower cap?
Shampoo, conditioner, body soap and face lotion for men are ready at the public bath.
Shower cap is ready at your room.
What is a check-in time and check-out time?
Check-in is from 3 o'clock p.m. And early check-in plan is also available from 2 o'clock.
Check-out is 10 o'clock a.m. We also have late check-out plan until 14:30.
Can I stay in hanamusubi with my pet?
Sorry, pet is not allowed at entire building. If you want, we can make a reservation at the pet hotel nearby.